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Essential Oils - Magic?

Are these Magic Potions? Sure feels like it!

Essential Oils are just extracts from Plants, Herbs, Spices, Roots, Fruits and Wood.

Things we often have in our kitchens! Yes - ALL natural elements of our beautiful earth!

The first records of Essential Oils come from Ancient India, Persia and Egypt. This is Ancient Medicine and these remedies have existed probably before 'human' existence.

Subsequently there's been years of research on how to extract and preserve the medicinal value of these herbs, plants and spices.

They have effectively been used for hundreds of years in personal care and grooming - soaps, shampoos, body oils, face oils, toothpastes, pain balms, cooking, aromatherapy, massage therapy, Ayurveda, TCM, naturopathy and continue to be used to bring the body back into natural balance - using NATURAL products.

Historians keep discovering how Essential Oils have been used for preservation, for food, even scriptures, painting - records of what was used for healing.

Today, potent and pure Essential Oils are available to us, available to Every Home!

These are Natural First Aid Kits you should really have at home. For all the regular little 'hiccups' that show up from time to time, tummy trouble, respiratory, stress, mood swings - the answers are in nature.

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