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PEMF Wellness

8 minutes a day to better health!

In August 2017, my brother was at a conference in the States, came across a device that claimed to help folks with Diabetes - eradicating it and IBS, amongst a LONG list of dis-eases and illnesses.

There happened to be a demo session for horses using the same device the next day in Pune. Of course, I went for it. In one demo session, which was 8 minutes long, on this body mat that generated a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF), my spider veins at the back of my leg were reduced by 80% - I couldn't believe it - which is when I looked into how and why this works.

We took these few months to understand what these devices are, how they work and then bought 2 machines. 

After a few friends and extended family members have benefited from the use of this device, we started sharing the machines with folks who wanted to rent them out before buying their own.

There are in excess of 10,000 published scientific papers about the effects of PEMF therapy. It's been around for decades and guess what, Nikola Tesla was one of the first to discover the effects of passing a current or electricity through the human body - and no, this is NOT what PEMF is.

PEMF is an invisible field created by passing electricity through copper coils. Exposing your body to this field, increases the micro-circulation in your body and enables your body to heal itself.

PEMF has been proven to

- Repair damaged and diseased tissue
- Decrease pain
- Reduce inflammation, swelling, and irritation
- Increase the range of motion
- Speed up functional recovery
- Reduce muscle loss after surgery
- Increase tensile strength in ligaments
- Speed up healing of skin wounds
- Enhance capillary formation
- Accelerate of nerve regeneration
- Decrease tissue necrosis.
- Increase the cellular level of oxygen absorption up to 200%
- Enhance the synthesis of protein in the cells
- Improve circulation by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries
- Stimulate endorphins, serotonin, and the body’s natural healing process
- And it Works as a catalyst to increase bone density and muscle mass

Use of these devices INCREASES

- Circulation & Microcirculation
- Energy to Cells
- Cell Hydration
- Bone Density
- Lean Muscle Mass
- Flexibility
- Range of Motion
- Immune System
- Nerve and Muscle Response

Use of PEMF, micro-current and Resonance Frequency devices have also DECREASED

- Pain
- Stiffness
- Swelling
- Inflammation
- Edema
- Spasms
- Stress
- Bruises

From Psychosomatic disorders, emotional, sleep, anxiety, depression, memory, hormonal imbalances, pain, malfunctioning cells - the increased micro-circulation in the body gives the body a chance to heal itself - to fight disease and weakness. 

PEMF therapy has been around since the 1800's. Just like computers back then were not household devices, neither were these. But now, they are available and accessible. 

These are being used in spas, wellness centers, yoga centers and what not - all over the world. 

If you'd like to know more, follow or like our Facebook page to get updates, or get in touch with me on +91-98225-97926.

Watch Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO and Founder of Swiss Bionic Solutions talk about iMRS and PEMF.

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