About Happiness Inc.

Happiness Inc. is a quaint little spot on Lane 6 in Kalyaninagar. This was home for 30 years and when we moved, we thought why not share our happiness with others so, we've turned our spot of joy into one we're certain many more will enjoy!


We converted our home into 4 studio spaces, and coming soon on the ground floor is our very own Bakery & Cafe! We invite teachers and Workshop organizers to host their programs at Happiness Inc. for an hourly fee and our regular classes are in

  • Music; Guitar

  • Singing; solo & choir

  • Voice Coaching

  • Dance (almost every style you can imagine - street & disco, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Ballet, Jazz, and competitive)

  • Health & fitness (emotional, physical and mental)

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Group fitness classes

  • Languages

  • Self defence especially for Women & Girls

  • Art and craft

  • Self care and help

  • Meditation

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Balance and harmony, you name it - we've got it. And if we haven't got it yet, we'll bring it to Happiness Inc!


No wifi, but we do give our patrons books and magazines to read and Chess boards to play! We're a little old fashioned that way We're bringing people together with similar interests, and hope your day gets that little bit happier, being with us!

We've also introduced the use of a Wellness Device that enables your body to heal itself. Click on PEMF Wellness on the main menu to learn more about how you can help your body free itself of illnesses and disease.


Our Vision


To enhance the quality of life in our community, families and individuals across all ages by providing the destination with quality programs in the creatives, arts, extracurriculars, health and wellness. Our vision is for members of the community to be
able to learn not just from professional teachers, but also from each other, participate and engage in learning and in activities in a more social environment thereby further developing a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all.


Our Mission


By creating a destination for learning with high values and standards, we affect a positive change and outlook and respect for life, while we incorporate living in harmony amongst our patrons and our community. We aim to provide an experience with high standards and as such through all programs incorporate teaching and learning respect, good manners, etiquette, appropriate social interaction with all ages, responsibility and ownership, and a sense of strength in togetherness.


Visitors to Kalyaninagar, for instance those employed by the various companies here, do not get a chance to interact with residents. At Happiness Inc. while enforcing our values through the programs, we encourage visitors to get to know the
members of the community thereby developing a sense of responsibility and caring for the area that we live in, and they visit only for work. A lot is taken for granted, our mission is to provide the space and platform to bring about that positive change and through programs offered at Happiness, help people learn to live in balance, harmony and joy - co-existing with ALL life.


Our Values


We enhance engagement within the neighbourhood by building a healthy, respectful and supportive community.

  • Enhanced Quality of Life through Participation.

  • Building Relationships through Interaction.

  • Leadership through Experiences.

  • Development through Learning.

  • We promote the link between recreation and sustainability.

  • We seek and support diversity in our programs and participants while promoting a climate of mutual respect.

  • We provide programs that are accessible to our community.