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The Studios

Study in Scarlett

On the first floor, turn left as you go up the stairs. It's adjacent to our little library of diaries. Of course, Burma Teak Floors and this room has the highest ceiling! And, a Disco Ball!

INR. 850/- an Hour +18% GST

Sky Delight

On the first floor, turn right as you go up the stairs. This is our Medium sized studio with Burma Teak Floors and a lovely Bay Window to sit in! This is where we have the Aerial Yoga & TRX training Classes too!

INR. 650/- an Hour + 18% GST

Lavender Breeze

Turn right as you reach the top of the stairs of the first floor. This is our small/medium size studio with Burma teak floors AND it has this rather unusual column in the room. The Hug column! And the nicest Bay Window to sit in and read.

INR. 550/- an Hour + 18% GST

Vibrant Blush

Our smallest room, in what was the 'attic'; the second floor. We have this room rented out for life coaching, physiotherapy, one-on-one therapy sessions like Bowen, Chiropractic, Accupressure, Accupuncture, even homeopathy. You can easily have music lessons in here too! It has my favourite red wall!!!

INR 400/- an Hour + 18% GST

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