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Mallika a.k.a Max

Partner - Sabunani Enterprises LLP. Principal - Happiness Inc.


​Mallika is the Principal/ Head at Happiness Inc. She's been a teacher all her working life and the joy of sharing; in a class or outside - is what drives her. You'll find her either at the reception, her office, the garden, one of the studios - heck, anywhere on the property. She's the go-to person to get your issue resolved.


She graduated from Purdue University with a dual degree in Computer Science & Mathematics - received scholarships from Microsoft for 2 years and a full scholarship - teaching Assistantship for her Masters in Computer Science. Amongst her work-adventures, she had spent 3 years in Italy at the United World College of the Adriatic where she was part of all the, what she calls 'Happy' & 'To make Happy' projects. Mallika trained in ITOs and BPOs and finally pursued her passion - Ballroom Dancing; which she was first officially introduced to and taught at the age of 12. Then a little bit of training during Uni, the 3 years in Italy at a competitive Ballroom Dance school and then 4 years at the Cinderella School of Ballroom Dancing - Pune; and Ballroom Dancing is one of the classes she teaches at Happiness Inc.

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