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Great Products! Why Network Marketing?

We've all had experiences with Network Marketing companies. This is where someone comes to you - usually a friend, shares some products with you or takes you to a talk or seminar and tells you to sign up and then tells you how great it is to get commissions by selling the products to others.

AND THIS is where many people feel like they've been dragged into something they didn't want to do.

I have accounts with 4 such Companies. They have GREAT products and I love a good deal. I signed up so I could get the products at the "distributor" price.

It's only after I was introduced to doTERRA, and encouraged to share, I set out to try and understand, WHY such brilliant companies doing such wonderful work all over the world, research, supporting farmers and the community, with such incredible products and such sincerity and commitment, would want to go down this tough road - where people are resistant to Network Marketing.

One of the primary values of doTERRA (which means - Gift of the Earth), IS to Share. And they don't just share products, they share knowledge, they share their success, family, community, kindness, awareness - it take a lot of energy and personal sacrifices to create a product that you cannot fault. They have the best working relationship with farmers as well - they've created opportunities for people who had no means!

It got me thinking - when we make a recommendation to a friend, to go buy clothes at a store, it's because of our personal experience. What is the reward for sharing?

So what happens with network marketing? A friend talks to us about the products, we buy them, try them out, and then suggest them to others who we know, may be looking for similar solutions. I think it's great to have someone, who is there to support you and understand your needs and puts you in touch with the right people to find the right solutions. Someone to educate you. THIS is where network marketing is amazing.

AND - we get rewarded by the company for helping others find answers to their problems!

Sometimes, it's the rewards that drive people to push - but not ALL Network Marketing Companies are the same. Some, like doTERRA, want you to be honest, sincere and truthful about your experiences and to share the right solutions and again, in the case of doTERRA - they want you to educate yourself, AND educate your friends. After-all, these are often life-long friendships, you share with people you really care about. You don't want to lose friendships over anything! It is because you care that you want loved ones to benefit from the products - like you have.

You can use the rewards the way you like too! You can donate them, buy more products to give away as gifts because you have benefitted from using them, so you'd like to share that great luck of access to natural, pure and safe solutions with others... or just hang onto it until you find use for it.

MLM and Network Marketing created opportunities for individuals to build their own little business with little to no investment. And it's an option, for those who WANT to do the business. There are options of course, to also join without getting involved in the business. If you want to know how to get all the perks except the business benefits, just ask! doTERRA and Healy do not insist you create a business account. You are of course welcome to build a business with the products they have created - ONLY if you want to. I use products made by both these companies. I respect the work they have put in and value the solutions they have created for the world.

Personally, I think one needs to study the company, try out the products, attend their meetings, understand what they are truly committed to, check out their Instagram Page, Facebook, YouTube - just like you'd research a company you'd work for - you need to believe these products are truly solving a problem and you'd like to be the person who is able to help others solve the issues, with complete honesty, transparency, trust and good faith.

You'd realize at company meetings - the kinds of people who are drawn to these solutions. The way the meeting gets conducted will also give you insight into the values of the company.

I've met some incredible people at these meetings. And sure, there are some who will only look at the business side of it - but think about it - doesn't a businessman look at his business and take care of it and try to grow it? Aren't gyms always trying to get more members? Aren't companies always trying to balance their profits and outgoings? Aren't restaurants always offering promotions to get more customers? Aren't schools doing the same? Doesn't the entire world do that?

Heck - everything you buy online NOW - is planned! The searches you do - everything is being tracked and you're somehow reaching the product that's just PERFECT for you!

There is SO much information out there - on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube - so much influence - gosh... And folks promote products on their pages and earn commissions on them. That's major marketing there!

The advantage here with Network Marketing I find is - if a friend has told me about it, I've done my research and I have someone to guide me and help me through, there is also a LOT more information available on the nature of the product - I've hit jackpot!

As an example, Essential Oils have been around for EVER. Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine have used herbs to cure all kinds of ailments, conditions and dis-eases. But what doTERRA has done - is make these solutions accessible to ALL, easy to use, convenient and simple.

Do the research - with an open mind - find out - what products is the Network Marketing Company selling? What problems are they solving? What kind of support do they provide? Do they have a return policy? What do their Customer Support Reps sound like? And are you more concerned with the Business? Or are YOU looking for a solution?

I love these products because they are enabling me to help myself. They give me a chance to understand what's really going on with me. They connect me back to nature and back to my true self. And they make me feel confident, comforted and I have natural solutions for my entire family and my friends. It makes me feel good to go back to nature.

And here at Happiness, we've always shared - whatever wonderful things we come across, we put it out there for others to benefit from.

A Happier, Healthier planet for ALL!

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