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Great Products! Why Network Marketing?

We've all had experiences with Network Marketing companies. This is where someone comes to you - usually a friend, shares some products with you or takes you to a talk or seminar and tells you to sign up and then tells you how great it is to get commissions by selling the products to others.

AND THIS is where many people feel like they've been dragged into something they didn't want to do.

I have accounts with 4 such Companies. They have GREAT products and I love a good deal. I signed up so I could get the products at the "distributor" price.

It's only after I was introduced to doTERRA, and encouraged to share, I set out to try and understand, WHY such brilliant companies doing such wonderful work all over the world, research, supporting farmers and the community, with such incredible products and such sincerity and commitment, would want to go down this tough road - where people are resistant to Network Marketing.