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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

These are a few Testimonials from folks who have been using these oils. If you like what you read, and want to get some oils for yourself, reach out to me on 9822597926 or scan the QR code in the images below to create your own account and get the oils at a 25% discount!

Do you want to know something amazing? I thought I'd need the oils forever. But after using them for a couple of months to manage the issues, I don't seem to need them anymore!

They are NOT addictive! The Thought of them may be, YES, I keep them as my First Aid Kit but I don't NEED them anymore for the issues I got them for!

For me personally, these Essential Oils have set me free, given me confidence and faith and the ability to connect the dots and identify what has really caused the ailment or pain or condition.

Some Folks have used Essential Oils to

  • Get RID of or manage pain

  • Get RID of addictions

  • Get RID of or manage IBS

  • Get RID of and or manage Stress and Anxiety

  • Get RID of fear

  • Enjoy better sleep

  • Deal with Vertigo without medication

  • Do away with Age Spots and Wrinkles

  • Heal cuts and burns

  • Manage Anger and Rage

  • Get RID of infections

  • Switch from sad and unhappy moods to joy and peace

  • Soothe and calm crying babies

  • Deal with colic and stomach trouble

  • Manage Weight, Thyroid and Metabolism issues

  • Deal with HANGOVERS!

This feels magical - but these are just Ancient Remedies, in a more accessible form. AND with the knowledge and know-how. Most of these oils are edible, but not all are. You should ideally learn how to use them best. And we have classes at Happiness and online on Zoom if you'd like to explore nature's remedies.

Reach out to me if you'd like to learn more! MOB: 9822597926

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